Sunday 29 November 2009

Facebook updates in your Twitter stream

If you're like me you'll find it difficult to keep a track of everyone's status - especially when they're across multiple networks. Most people tend to use Facebook but I prefer Twitter. So, what to do? Merge them, of course!

  1. First, you will need to install the RSS News Feed reader application in Facebook.
  2. Once installed, take note of the RSS feed URL.
  3. Create yourself a new Twitter account.  This account will be used to hold all your Facebok friends' updates.
  4. Create an account on Twitter Feed.
  5. Add your Facebook RSS feed URL (from step 2) to your Twitter Feed account (from step 4) and have it post to the new Twitter account you created in step 3.
  6. In your usual Twitter account simply follow the new Twitter account that should now contain all your friends' Facebook status updates.
  7. Make yourself a cup of tea.  Go on.  You've earned it.  You tech-wizard, you.

Update: To eliminate the annoying  s, you could pass it through a simple PHP filter, if you're lucky enough to have a server connected to the Interwebs on a 24x7 basis:

<?php print str_replace("&nbsp;", " ", file_get_contents("")); ?>

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