Thursday 26 October 2006

Firefox 2.0

I know... every man and his dog are writing about how Firefox 2.0 is out. At least I'm not having a Firefox 2.0 party.

Speaking of parties, even Microsoft were nice enough to send cake...

Monday 23 October 2006

USB recharging without the USB

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a couple of universal USB chargers.

In combination with a 4-way, mini USB hub it makes a fairly compact, portable multi-device charger. They're perfect for travelling as they're 110-240V and come with a bunch of click-in power socket adaptors for different countries.

For the new Nokia-N73 I'll need a power/data cable combo.

Ooo, shiny!

A new phone upgrade and the promise of new beginnings!

This phone is it. The panacea. The gadget to end all gadgets.


Maybe not.

Anyway, it's the Nokia N73 smartphone and it's pretty cool on first impressions. The Symbian OS is a little slow but considering the features it packs, it's a small price to pay.

An auto keylock application needed to be installed as the functionality is missing from the default OS and, of course, Google Maps had to go on there too.

All appointments from Autoping have been transferred over and I suspect a rewrite of Autoping will occur now to make it more generic - now that I no longer need it for personal stuff. Things to play with next are:

Thursday 19 October 2006

Enjoy the Sun

Nexenta is a new distribution which has an Open Solaris kernel, GNU tools and Debian-like package management.

All the crunchy, yummy goodness of Zones, DTrace and ZFS with a GNU userland filling.

Apt is simply the icing on the cake!

Wednesday 18 October 2006


(No, not the musical)

In the last 2 days our SpamAssassin has caught a much greater amount of spam than normal.

Interestingly, the statistics from, and actually show a downward global trend in spam.

This could mean that the quarantined messages have a lower-than-normal score and are being delivered locally instead of being immediately rejected or they're simply delayed, grey-list messages from the usual weekend spam run.

Friday 13 October 2006

New look

I had received some complaints about the previous theme.

I agree it wasn't exactly easy on the eye but it was the best I could do at short notice.

Since I had to stay back at work late to baby-sit a site launch, I had some time to kill. So I went for a surf and found a fairly pleasent Drupal theme which I decided wasn't quite up to scratch.

What you currently see is a widened version of the Andreas03 theme.

There is also some other CSS hacks to personalise it.

The awful "Matrix" Gallery theme has been replaced with a heavily modified version of Carbon. Nice and clean.

There was some work to get rid of all the extra garbage but I think you'll agree it looks nice enough.