Tuesday 25 December 2007

Proud father

Well, our little girl is finally here. Daisy Lilla came kicking and screaming into the world at 18h45 on December 13th, 2007.

Weighing in at 3.5kg (7lbs. 11oz.) and measuring 55cm (21.68") long, she's even more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

It's been 11 days now and I still can't get over how gorgeous she is. Everytime I see her, even when she's grumpy, I beam with pride.

My biggest fear is that someone will come knocking on our door one day and say, "Your time is up and it's time to hand her back." Fortunately she's ours forever.

There are plenty of pictures of her over at her own website, http://daisy.wallace.sh/.

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