Sunday 10 June 2007

Who's the daddy?

The 12 weeks are finally up and the world can now officially know... Katie and I are expecting a baby!

So far the due date is around 28th December which will be another day to add to growing list of birthdays, celebrations, etc. around that time of the year. We should get a more accurate date in the near future as we're going for our first ultrasound scan on the 27th June (after our Hungarian wedding on the 23rd).

Apart from feeling exhausted all the time, Katie's doing well (if not a little nervous about the entire prospect). Watching childbirth on TV or DVD doesn't help inspire any confidence - despite my reassurances.

Of course, we're both thrilled, as are our parents. ... and, when the time arrives, we'll definitely be ordering some tiny, little shoes from Lucky Little Elephant. </plug> ;)

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