Saturday 24 February 2007

All work and no play...

There's not been much activity on the blogging front since I got back from skiing as I've been working my arse off in the sweat shop that the office has now become.

If you've not heard already, my employer had decided to engage a large, well-known consultancy company to manage and construct the new versions of our websites.

That company outsources its development to India.

Without getting into the details, the code sucks and we've had nothing but trouble since.

They use the Agile programming methodology which effectively means we've been thrown right into the middle of the development cycle - much to the detriment of the day-to-day support of the rest of the business.

Many late nights and little sleep have resulted in us having to mitigate the amount of load going through to the backend by caching the the site more than should have been necessary.

This has resulted in reasonable response times but it means the dynamics of the new site has suffered.

Oh well, maybe the business will engage IT when it comes to spec'ing these things in the future... ha!

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  1. I thought of your article when I read this .. a comment to an article on the reported mass sackings at IBM (to come, not yet happened), in exchange for foreign labour and a reduced pension fund debt in the US;----To the person who made the statement "these can be replaced at lower cost by higher performing persons in a variety of Asian countries at a much lower cost".You have no clue whatsoever. I AM on the inside, I deal with this DAILY. US workers are not being replaced by higher performing. They are being replaced by cheaper, period. That is all that matters to the company. I could tell you horror stories about the quality of work done overseas that the US people spend hours and hours of unpaid overtime correcting, only to see the official company line talk about how wonderful the outsourcing is working.It is all about $$$$, and nothing else.I know. You don't.intheknow | May 04, 2007 | 2:36PM----From;